A just and fair criminal justice system will ensure that every Tennessean has the opportunity to become a productive member of society.

Key facts

Today, 1 in every 70
Tennessee adults is in jail or prison.

As of June 2015, there were:

inmates in Tennessee
Tennesseans on
parole or probation

Nearly 5,000 inmates will leave Tennessee prisons
each year, all needing a path to re-enter
society, including finding gainful employment.

(that’s about 0% of
the prison population)

A 2010 study showed that:


of people released from Tennessee
prisons are re-incarcerated
within three years

It costs $2,200 per month to house a single inmate.

(that’s 2x the median
mortgage payment...

and 3x the median rent
in Tennessee).

Between 2000 – 2013:

Tennessee’s prison population
grew by 30%

Tennessee’s total population
only increased by 13%

Between 1981 and 2013:



Tennessee’s imprisonment rate increased by 256%

People of color make up:

24.3% of Tennessee’s
total population

45% of Tennessee’s
felony inmate population

Minority youth make up:

34.7% of Tennessee’s
K-12 public school students

68% of the students being
suspended or expelled