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With one in 70 Tennesseans behind bars or on probation or parole, the criminal justice system is costing taxpayers nearly a billion dollars each year, while breaking up Tennessee families and communities. Despite having a higher incarceration rate than any bordering state, Tennessee still has a crime rate that is nearly 30% higher than the national average. Clearly what we are currently doing is not working.

Without a greater focus on rehabilitation, education, and job training, the prison system’s revolving door will continue. Each time we fail to turn ex-offenders into productive members of society, their crimes create more victims, undermine public safety, and cost taxpayers even more money. And because so many ex-offenders are landing back in prison, our labor shortage problems continue to get worse.

Fortunately, lawmakers and business leaders throughout America are beginning to come to their senses. States like Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi have passed effective legislation that has helped to reduce prison populations while maintaining a strong stance on violent crime. It’s a win-win for families, businesses, and taxpayers alike.

Now, it’s our turn to help non-violent offenders become contributing members of society so that we can enhance public safety and save taxpayers money.

Please add your voice as to say you believe it’s time for sensible justice in Tennessee. With your help, we can create a brighter future for all Tennesseans.

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